Enterprise Services


Helping you deliver transformed experiences

Our robust enterprise management service helps deliver a personalized, contextual, and responsive experience irrespective of the time, place, or channel.

Log Management

Our centralized & fully integrated enterprise SOC is seamless for storing raw logs from multiple sources.

Threat Intelligence

Our SIEM correlation engines and rules are fine-tuned to each customer’s unique risk profile.


Orchestrator provides automation of security operations, threat & vulnerability management, and incident response.

Behaviour Analysis

We use ML and statistical analysis to create a baseline of normal patterns & detect anomalous behavior.

Seamless delivery of services

A well-established hi-tech enterprise environment is recognized as the key differentiator between any company’s success or failure. We provide transformative enterprise services for our global customer base, that empowers their missions and meets the rapid demands of a dynamic data driven environment, all at maximum cost-efficiency for our customers.

By bringing multiple enterprise services into the delivery framework, your enterprise can route work across departments, breaking down the silos in support functions, and ultimately providing their service consumers with the convenience and simplicity of just one place to go to get the support they need from an enterprise’s supporting functions.

Enterprise Service Management

Why Our Enterprise Service

  • We automate the entire request, incident and problem management lifecycle of your organization.
  • Streamline user experience through a bespoke self-service portals and easy and custom service catalogs, preventing service interruptions and SLA delays
  • Provide complete visibility into service performance and help to identify improvement opportunities where necessary
  • Improve infrastructure availability with integrated Asset Management capabilities


Bring efficiency to all your organization’s functions. Automated workflows free up teams to focus on priorities, while data segmentation protects employee and business privacy.


Level up the employee experience with a single self-service portal for all business functions, with our AI-powered virtual agents.


Our enterprise service agents are secure, easy to use, and endlessly extendable, the built to power your business needs 24/7.